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Game Development Services

Melting Snowman has all of the tools of the trade to provide comprehensive professional game development services. Whether you are looking for a developer, animator, or integrator to plug into your existing staff or you are looking to farm out any or all of the game development – look no further.

Melting Snowman as successfully integrated our design and development capabilities into a plethora of major game production organizations to both enhance and develop realistic FPS levels. Not only do we meticulously detail and test the levels to ensure proper game flow and scene management, but we do so efficiently and economically – allowing you to focus more on your game and less on your budget. Melting Snowman has both the experience and expertise to enhance your game play and entice your audience to purchase your products.


From fire-breathing dragons and heroic knights to terrorist insurgents and special forces war fighters – Melting Snowman has been involved in the design, modeling, and development of a wide variety of characters. We specialize bringing life to characters by creating collision mesh to model in-game damage, developing textures for character clothing, animating facial and body movements to match conversation, and many more aspects (too many to list).

Whether you need a scantily clad heroine to run guns-blazing into a fight or a thousand decaying zombies to relentlessly attack while decomposing, Melting Snowman can deliver.


Whether based off of your wildest imaginations or an existing weapon Melting Snowman is able to create fully functional weapons. No game is complete without an inventive and completely unique weapon system. The keys are the visual details, in-game and DLC upgrades, and weapon customization.

Moving firing mechanisms, realistic reloading, impressive muzzle flash, spent shell discharge, and realistic projectile physics engines all lead to making a cool weapon – we live to create awesome ways to kill people...virtually.


Melting Snowman has extensive hands on experience building and formatting realistic terrain and interactive environments for FPS and MMO games that become augmented and destroyed during game play. As intensive gamers ourselves, we understand the importance of feeling like you are in the environment and not just staring at a screen. We ensure our stunning environments will operate at high frame rates and can scale to meet the needs of any game. Forest, desert, urban, post-apocalyptic, and fantasy environments – we have done them all.

Content Integration

We understand the challenges from bringing a game from storyboards to the screen. Developing a game usually is broken up into a series of separate components that need to flawlessly integrate at a later time. Ensuring that when your character pulls the trigger of a customized weapon, the trajectory and the following explosion correspond to the precise timing and placement is absolutely imperative – we can do it. Envisioning how all of the content interacts can be a challenge – Melting Snowman has the expertise to integrate content into any game engine – even proprietary engines.

App Development Services

Have an idea for an app and don't even know where to start? Perhaps you have a successful app you are looking to re-skin into a new app. Look no further, Melting Snowman can take you from an idea to a launched app in the hands of users.

Beginning with your idea, we walk you through the functionality layout – how the app interfaces with the user and how it ties into back end databases to create a fully dynamic app. The look and feel is essential to app success, from fonts and icons to game play and menu navigation.

After completion of the layout, we begin coding and designing the app. Before you know it, your app is being downloaded and played worldwide! Melting Snowman has the experience, expertise, and professionalism to take your app from idea to launch.


Like many Bay Area computer science undergrads the desire to create video games is the siren song that initially attracted them to the line of study. That initial drive, eroded by coursework and competing for grades, quickly becomes a distant memory. Fortunately the ambition to design, innovate, and create was met by opportunity and a solid business plan – Melting Snowman was born.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Melting Snowman is the vision of several innovative geeks who set out to change the video game industry instead of continuing worry about class rank and begrudgingly pushing out lines of meaningless code – code that only existed to complete an assignment and receive a grade. Having spent hours shooting insurgents, blasting rebels, and customizing our dream weapons, we realized that our hobby could very well be our reality. Due to our extensive experience playing games, we understand what the typical gamer is looking for when selecting their next purchase. Melting Snowman was developed to allow the visions of similarly minded gaming-geeks to come to light.

Since we are mainly comprised of the exact demographic that many video game companies target, the staff at Melting Snowman offers not only incredible talent and skills, but also a sounding board for new ideas an innovative designs. Much to the determent of our 'relationship status', we have embarked on this journey to completely redefine what it means to 'play a video game'. Our vision is to work alongside major gaming corporations to appeal to a variety of demograpics – not just your typical gaming nerds. We have made great strides in this goal by partnering up with some of the leading game developers to lend our skills and our insight in creating, developing, and customizing a new way to game.


We're always looking for talented, smart people - but - Melting Snowman currently does not have any vacant positions.


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